Who we are

We’re the people and organisations working together to build the Croydon Fun Palace. We’d love for you to come and join us!

IMAGEI live here, and I’m very proud to say so. I like to give my free-time to positive projects in Croydon, and am involved in the Fun Palace because it’s such a great idea to combine arts and science, and it’s for all age groups.

IMAGEI’m a new resident of Croydon and am very excited to get included in the community. Croydon is a fun place, so it’s perfect for a Fun Palace! I’m a keen gardener, and want to see people getting their hands dirty.

IMAGEI’ve just moved to Croydon, and I’m already telling everyone how awesome it is. The Fun Palace is a great way to get to know Croydon better, and to make great stuff happen.

IMAGEI am a resident of the Old Town area of Croydon and strongly believe in building a strong community spirit for all Croydon residents. I am a very keen gardener and want encourage urban agriculture / permaculture in the area. I am very supportive of the Fun Palace project and humbled to be taking part.

IMAGEI live in Croydon with my family, and am very passionate about the positive aspects of Croydon life. I love getting involved with arts and crafts, and more than that, having fun!

IMAGEArriving in Croydon in 2010, I found shelter from the global financial crisis in a job at No 1, Croydon, discovered Matthews Yard, and stayed… I am a mindfulness enthusiast with a deep interest in personal happiness and creativity. I have long been an admirer of Joan Littlewood’s working methods, eclecticism and radical philosophy.

IMAGEHaving grown up in South London, I was pleased to move back after eight years away and make Croydon my home. I love meeting new people and making connections between them, and want to apply that passion for bringing people together to my work on the Croydon Fun Palace project. If I ever sit still long enough to watch TV, I start knitting almost automatically.

IMAGEI began working in Croydon as a BitC Business Connector at the end of January 2014. I have been pleasantly surprised by the strong and diverse communities that thrive here, and the rich heritage Croydon has to offer. As a Fun Palace maker, I am hoping to discover my hidden arts and science sides, as well as having fun along the way!

IMAGEI’m really excited about being a part of the Fun Palace as I get to share my love of science with people. Science has an unfair reputation as a stuffy, difficult field when it’s really a fun, creative thing which anyone can get involved with!

IMAGESince moving to Croydon in 2013, I’ve met a number of interesting and talented people who live in the borough. Helping set up a Fun Palace in Croydon appealed to me as it’s an ideal platform to showcase and share the skills of local people with the wider community. With a chemistry background, I am passionate about making science and technology accessible to everyone.

IMAGEI first learnt about Joan Littlewood while studying performing arts at the BRIT School in Selhurst over twenty years ago. I have been making Fun Palaces ever since. As a volunteer Fun Palace maker I hope to enable unexpected and playful collaborations. I am looking forward to discovering and sharing how the history, architecture, stories and people of my home town can inspire the creativity in all of us.

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