How it works

Croydon Fun Palace will be made up of a central hub with activities in the surrounding area linked by an interactive explorer trail.

The hub will be located in an accessible space in Croydon’s busy retail centre to draw in as many people as possible. The vision for the hub is to be a bustling hive with engaging activity that gives people a chance to try something new. It would be especially interesting to include activities that you wouldn’t normally see in the centre of town… How about pond dipping in water from the Wandle? Or having a go at 3D printing? Maybe knitting a jumper for a tower block? If you have a skill that you can share, and maybe put to imaginative new use, you can contribute to the hub!

Explorer Trail
The explorer trail will take people on a journey around Croydon. It will include indoor and outdoor pop up activities and performances. If you take part you will find out new things, look at your surroundings afresh and be inspired to undertake artistic or scientific endeavours. Do you know interesting and unusual facts about Croydon? Are you interested in leading a walking tour? Do you have an idea for an outdoor performance or display? Could you offer a space, venue or activity for a pop-up happening? If you can do any of these things you can help us make the explorer trail.

There’s nothing to stop strands of activity running between the hub and the trail, so don’t let that hinder your imagination… If you have an idea that you’d like to share, tell us about it on the Get involved page.

Help us build the Croydon Fun Palace