Local businesses, community groups and individuals are coming together to build Croydon Fun Palace. Here’s a list of some of the materials we need to do this. If you can contribute any of these items, please drop us an email.

  • Makey Makeys (on loan)
  • plain canvas tote bags
  • fabric paint
  • craft card (A4 sheets, 120 gsm or heavier, various colours)
  • metallic crayons
  • gold leaf
  • double sided tape
  • black or midnight blue fabric (5-10 m of 150 cm width)
  • fake turf (5 m x 5 m)
  • plant pots (c. 15 cm diameter)
  • seeds (especially plants that are quick to germinate and grass)
  • compost
  • clean tights/pop socks/hosiery
  • goggly eyes
  • pipe-cleaners
  • drawing pins
  • empty yoghurt pots (single serving size)
  • food colouring
  • empty clear CD cases (a.k.a. jewel CD cases)
  • small zip lock bags
  • large zip lock bags
  • electrical tape (various colours)
  • fabric remnants
  • yarn
  • AAA batteries
  • disposable / wipe clean table cloths

Help us build the Croydon Fun Palace