Croydon robots

As part of London Technology Week, the Croydon Fun Palace team took part in the Build Croydon MakeAThon at the Lives Not Knives unit in Centrale last Monday. Over the course of the day, 120 participants from local schools worked together to make a stop motion animation sending model robots into space!

Young people worked in groups of 10 to make model robots with the help of the Early Learning Centre. At the stop motion animation station, they had a quick introduction to the technology, then devised a sequence featuring their model robot helping to build a rocket. Some members of each group worked together to move the various elements – cars, helper robots and, of course, the clouds – in line with their story, while others recorded the action frame-by-frame using SAM Animation.

David from SmartDresser led the project, with help from Lauraine from Meanderlings, Mike Rideout and Ryan and Katie from Croydon Fun Palace. We were kept busy all day… Here’s a time lapse of what we got up to from 11am to 3pm (the camera’s batteries ran out before ours did!).

It was great to see people having fun with technology and learning new skills through play. Each group was impressed by what they could achieve in such a short time. We were pleased that many participants left with the confidence to use stop motion animation for themselves, inspired, no doubt, by having seen the technology used in Pingu and Chicken Run!

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