Croydon manifesto

In addition to the manifesto for the national movement, we have created our own set of values. Croydon Fun Palace is…

F ree: no admission fee and welcoming to all
U nexpected: drawing new connections and doing things differently
N omadic: no fixed location, finding the most suitable spaces to meet our needs
P layful: inventive and enjoyable
A ccessible: giving everyone the chance to have a go
L ocal: deeply rooted in Croydon and involving the community
A ttentive: considerate of the community and reflective of its skills and needs
C ollaborative: working with organisations and audiences to be greater than the sum of our parts
E nduring: generating a legacy to support the future of the CFP
Croydon has a rich range of resources which we’ll be drawing on to create our Fun Palace:
  • Rich artistic and scientific history exemplified in the work of alumni of the Croydon School of Art and in sites such as Croydon Airport.
  • The area is bustling with new happenings, with the rise of Croydon Tech City and a diverse range of arts organisations like Turf Projects.
  • The borough is one of London’s youngest and most diverse, with the energy, vibrancy and sense of adventure to host a really fun Fun Palace.
Croydon Fun Palace will showcase the special elements of Croydon’s identity, defying the lazy stereotypes that are often associated with the borough. We want to build the Croydon Fun Palace with our community, and invite you to contribute to the project as it unfolds.

Help us build the Croydon Fun Palace